Compass Muscle Therapy

Kinesiology Taping

What is Kinesiology Tape
Kinesiology tape is a super-thin, highly elastic therapeutic tape that is applied to the skin. Can be known as K tape.
Kinesiology tape can help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, relax muscles, enhance performance and help with rehabilitation as well as supporting muscles during a sporting event.
It can also help improve kinesthetic awareness of posture and alignment and lymph flow and blood circulation.
The tape is water resistant and may be worn during heavy workouts and can be left in place during functional treatments.
At Compass Muscle Therapy we offer a kinesiology taping service, weather it is for a competition or to help your posture awareness.  We can also offer more traditional taping for joint support during competition.
Our therapists are full qualified and insured and have a experience working with a variety of clients in assisting with preventive treatment and injury recovery and will able to tailor a program to get you back to where you want to be.
From £10