Compass Muscle Therapy

Corporate Massage Therapy

At Compass Muscle Therapy we can offer onsite massage at your offices.

Whatever the size of your business it make sense to look after  your greatest asset, your staff, the people who work for you.

Compass Muscle Therapy can deliver a a selection of therapies to into your workplace to help boost efficiency and wellbeing to your staff.

Corporate massages have become incredibly popular. More and more businesses each day are bringing up the suggestion to introduce massages as a part of their company’s wellness benefits package, and many employers and businesses are seeing the direct benefits of massages.

Whether the massage package is a regular one provided during breaks, or is offered occasionally as an employee appreciation treat, the effects of this on the health, job satisfaction, as well as the overall productivity of the workforce can be enormous.

The convenience of on-site corporate massages is unquestionable; they are the quickest way to get instant relief for various stress-related symptoms, such as neck pains, muscle tension and headaches, as well as general emotional and physical fatigue.

With a quick massage, an employee is instantly rejuvenated and ready to continue on with their day, not only feeling physically better, but also feeling appreciated by their company and ready to take on challenges with a positive attitude and the right mindset.

A session of 15-20 minutes can make all the difference.

Benefits of corporate massage

• Relieve muscle tension, soreness and fatigue.
• Boost energy and improve concentration.
• Relieve tension headaches.
• Bring clarity to the mind and improve productivity.
• Stimulate the production of endorphins that help to relieve emotional stress and anxiety and therefore elevate one’s mood considerably.
• Prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis.
• Reduce the frequency of sick days off due to muscle pains and decrease the chances of disruptions of projects if a crucial member of the team is missing.
• Improve the general atmosphere in the workplace – happier employees who feel appreciated are more likely to care about the growth of a business and about their role in its success.


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